Community Adoptees

Adopted By Adoptee
Goslow and Noone Mickey skating
Amerititle Santa w/bl&yell blank&sleigh
Ann Santich Christmas Tree
Barb Holt Bashful ( 1 of 7)
Becki Goslow Two dancing elves
Alice in Wonderland
Jack in the Box
Choir w yellow songbook (4)
Ben Blake (Eagle Scout project) Peanuts Swing Set
Bill Harris family Donald & singing ducks
Daisy Duck
Brer Rabbit w presents
Bob Boyer Chipmunk on unicycle
Boys & Girls Club Train w/ Roadrunner & Coyote
Brooks Family Metal lighted tree frame (8')
Bruce Austin family Santa that waves
Carol Reeves Three Little Pigs (set of 3)
Carrie Schuoler/Vera Asbahr Peoria Light Display decorations
Colleen Ghasedi Lucy & friends
Charlie Brown & Snoopy
Conner Sherlock Santa & Sleigh (Eagle Sc project)
Corvallis High Art Club Darth Vader
Queen Ambudulla
Dan Yates Sleepy (1 of 7)
9 ladies Dancing
8 Maids a Milking
7 Swans a Swimming
6 Geese a Laying
5 Gold Rings
4 Calling Birds
3 French Hens
2 Turtle Doves
12 Drummers Drumming
11 Pipers Piping
10 Lords a Leaping
A Partridge in a Pear tree
Minnions (2)
Darcie Vanderyacht Daffy Duck w OSU clothes
Debbie Luster Dalmations (3)
Hobby Horse on wheels
Singing Penguins
Snowman w/ear muffs & gr. gloves
Debi Pinard Lion King A-Mufasa & Simba
Lion King B- Simba & Nala
Lion King C- Nala
DeFoor family Clown
Teeter Totter elves
Donovan Tree farm Angels-striped outfits (2 sets of 2)
Doug Horn Benny Beaver- blue suit
Drew Lundgreen Happy (1 of 7)
Grumpy (1 of 7)
Drew Lundreen Snow White
Earthfort Santa playing the organ
Ediyana Daniel Tasmanian Devil
Fran Staben North Pole sign
Gail Millimaki Tinkerbell
Goslow Family "Holiday Traditional"-Carolers
Ian Ciechanowski Gingerbread Man
In memory of KM Middleton Barnyard Dawg
In memory of L R Allen Santa/deer/Rudolph-low set
Jack Ross Light Repair/recycle Master
Jared & Gerry Kosanovic Sound System Creator
Jared Pastega Doc (1 of 7)
Tweety& P.Pig w/washboard
Jean Parkes/Brockos Family Candy Cane Lane
Jeanine Cropley Brer Bear w red hat
Jennifer Yarrow Benny w orange skiis
John Kruger Tall Mechanical Soldier
Johnson Dental clinic Disney Train (Set of 4)
Julie Carrico Beauty & the Beast dancing
Kamke's Snoopy's Doghouse
Karen Timm Angels flying with star
Kathy Chafin Choir singers w yellow book (8)
Kevin Courtney family Dopey (1 of 7)
Kiwanis Bells (10)
Peace on Earth sign
Kosanovic family Cactus (2)
Foghorn Leghorn
Henery Chickenhawk
Le,Taylor,Goslow,Kimura Choir (set of 6) Red & White robe
Lisa Endicott Ninja Turtle-Leonardo
LuAnn CaroneRhodes Fairy Godmother
Marion Hardy Light donations
Mark Keppinger Hen
Marla Wright Sylvester & Tweety
Chip & Dale on log
Mary Torgerson Angel w raised hand (Nativity)
Climbing Elves
The Hungry Caterpillar
Winnie the Pooh
Mieka Bartee Sneezy (1 of 7)
Mike Lorenzen (T&C) Gingerbread House
Mike Schweizer Hickory, dickory
Muddy Creek Charter School C3PO
N Beachboard-Dodsen 3 Candles
Nancy Swain Panda w candy cane
Nicole Beachboard-Dodsen Tall Snowman w coal eyes
Philomath High School Chewbacca (Star Wars)
Pieter VanZee Mr. Popper's penguins
R Brooks family Star Metal Frame with lights
Rachel Birken Noah's Ark
Ramona Cavalier Chip & Dale
Ray Wilson family Rudolph (Santa& sleigh)
Reindeer (3 pair- goes w #2)
Santa-Band Leader 1 of 4
Santa blowing horn 1 of 4
Santa playing tuba 1 of 4
Santa playing sax 1 of 4
Ruth Stiehl Santa w bag of toys
Santiam Christiam MS Nativity Scene
Nativity (W men/3 sheep/angel)
Nativity W men (2)
Angel on cloud
Sheila Nelson Snowman wAntlers & deer
Shonnards Grinch Sled
Strowbridge/Maller family Grinch Feast & Whos
Who Houses
Who Trees & snowbanks
Strowbridge Memorial heart/Who Feast
Grinch fireplace/ heart grows
Tanya Carone Sylvester w harmonica
The A Collins family Santa w elves loading the sleigh
The Behr family Bugs Bunny
The C. Bartee family Mother Goose & Mickey Mouse
The D Watkins family Tradit. Carolers w/lamp post (set of 4)
Carolers w Red bow (1957)
The D Zajicek family Wile E Coyote
The Deford family Starker sign
The J Drollinger family Beavers in Athletic gear
The M Sheets family Tin Soldiers (3)
The Mair family Wolf in sheep's clothing
The Niemann family Boey Byer sign
Glad Yul sign
The R Poole family Holly Snowman
The Stanley family Frozen- Elsa
Frozen- Olaf the Snowman
Tove Spencer Small snowman w yell. hatband
Town&Country Santa in house w fireplace
Velocity 4H Club Xmas Tree lights